Workshop on Morphology (Tuesday, 21 July)

9:25- Opening
Chair: Andrew Spencer
9:30-10:15 Miriam Butt (University of Konstanz)
Phrasal Affixes---A Perspective from Urdu
10:15-11:00 John Payne and Kersti Börjars (University of Manchester)
Features and selection in LFG: The English VP
11:00-11:30Coffee break
Chair: Ryo Otoguro
11:30-12:15 Mary Dalrymple (Univsity of Oxford)
Periphrasis and Morphology in LFG
12:15-13:00 Oleg Belyaev (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Decomposing word status: Words vs. affixes, heads vs. features
Chair: Mary Dalrymple
14:30-15:15 Andrew Spencer (Univeristy of Essex)
Participial relatives and the lexemic index
15:15-16:00 Ryo Otoguro (Waseda University)
Generalising functional categories in LFG
16:00- Closing